VT 50

I Come from Vermont and I Do What I Want

The Vermont 50.  I just like the sound of it.  I was born and spent the first 12 years in Southern VT and then returned to UVM for undergrad.  I am proud to be a Vermonter.  So it is fitting that I am going back to the rolling green hills to try a new challenge - an ultra running race.   

Since moving back to NH from California, Andrew and I have taken to the hills, trails, class 6 roads and dirt roads whole heartedly.  My running career so far is not that serious or consistent but I have been slowly building up to running longer distances, 10+ miles, easily and enjoying it.  I've done 3 half marathons and have no aspirations to do a road marathon.  The idea of pounding pavement and staring at my watch for splits does not sound fun BUT 26 or more miles of dirt, trails, sweat and views is very appealing.   Andrew did the VT 50 miler last year and I officially caught the bug while crewing for him- the beauty of the state and memories is what really sucked me.   Plus I love the idea of being in the woods for hours and traveling real distances on my own two feet.  

I signed up for the 50K this year and I'm excited.  Not nervous yet.  I don't know quite what I have gotten myself into but I have a feeling I am going to love it.  

I am not sure what to expect with the race because I have been thinking of it as an experience and a true physical challenge but not necessarily a race.   I want to do my best.  Run a race that is consistent and runnable - that means pacing myself and dealing with the physical and mental barriers.  The Inferno (4hr45 min multi-race) is the only race I have done when I just gassed out and didn't keep pushing - I keep wondering if I was 2nd because I wasn't strong enough mentally or physically.  

I should post a week before the race and then compare it to my sentiments now.  Nerves will be kicking in!  Between now and I then I will share what my training has been like #krissyplan.

The VT 50 is September 25th.