Physical Therapy

Photo Shoot Fun

This past weekend we took time out to shoot video and take photos of exercises that will be a part of an article that I am co-authoring with Harold Smith in 32 Degrees.  The magazine is for members of the PSIA-AASI (aka the Professional Snowsports Instruction Association).   THe PSIA is a nation wide organization that certifies and instructs ski instructors to various levels of ability and qualification.  Harold Smith is a tester for PSIA and spends his winter teaching and testing ski instructors at various levels.  I teach an injury prevention/pre-season conditioning class each fall before the ski season - aptly named, The Powder Hour.  (My sister takes all the credit for the name.)

Harold has taken the class the last 2 seasons and approached me this spring about an opportunity to co-author an article for 32 Degrees .  The class this past fall had more of a focus on single limb balance with a progression of dynamic movements and function that mimicked outside ski control.   Harold found that with the improved balance and motor control, he felt more stable and had a significant improvement in his early season skiing.  Thus the article.  Look for it in an upcoming publication in 2017 - TBD which edition.  

Andrew helped us out with the media side since that is his bread and butter.