Fairy Meadow Hut - Northern Selkirks, BC

I am still processing what happened on our trip.  It was perfect in every way.  We met 16 rad new people who share the same love for skiing and living life to the fullest.  There was a blank canvas awaiting us upon arrival with stable fresh powder and a lucky high pressure system.  

We were bumped up in a helicopter to the Bill Putnam/Fairy Meadow Hut on Saturday.  First time in a bird and surprisingly wasn't nervous on take off but maybe that was the beer we had while waiting for our trip.  We unloaded and proceeded to work as a group to get our avi awareness and skills up to snuff.  Ian Havlick, a snow forecaster and guide, was one of the group and took the reins and basically ran us through an Airie 2 course.  

The next 6 days we gradually explored zones further and further away from the hut as the snow and weather allowed.  We had smooth powder lines from Magog and Gog, a wide open bowl off of Sentinel Peak, shredded the Houdini Needle couloirs and set endless skin lines in the pillow trees. Mastering the pillows was challenging and a goal - figuring out how to hop and turn down them took all week.   Each day I pushed my boundaries of comfort and found a connection with the powder.  

I cannot say enough about the group we were with.  All unique, fun people who partied and played hard, as most skiers tend to do.  Parke, who organized the trip and luckily asked Maddog if he had 3 willing friends, hired a chef and catered gig out of Golden to feed us.   Every day we were in awe with our warm soup appetizers at 5 pm, fresh veggies at each meal, ribs, salmos and whipped iced snow.  

Andrew and I had a day to make our way back to Calgary for a late flight so we checked out Lake Louise and Banff.  Andrew coined Banff as 'Canada's Park City' where we walked around and had a nice lunch.   Then to a cool brewery in Calgary.  

There are so many memories and too many photos but it was a trip of a life time.  I feel so lucky I can go on these adventures with Andrew.