WOW, it's already January and I feel like I am just getting a minute to sit down.  Andrew and I were just saying we have skied, skinned, nordic and downhill skied more so far this winter than almost all of last year.  Mother Nature has given us an early taste of the fluffy white stuff and everyone is soaking it in as urgently as possible because NE winters are fickle and can change on a dime.  

The next months is going to be a busy one....

The Launch Party for the Winter edition for the Wild Northeast magazine.  A rad little quarterly magazine based out of Madison that talks all things wild northeast.  I was psyched when I was asked to contribute about my experience as a spectator at the women's alpine world cup races at Killington in November.  As an ex US Ski Team member it brought back so many unexpected and lovely memories.  The Wild Northeast

The Fairy Meadow Hut - Andrew, Dana, Heidi and I are off to BC to a hut with 16 other people.  Should be an epic adventure and getting out of our comfort zones.  End of January.

Back Country Bliss - Lindsay and I are starting a retreat for backcountry skiing and yoga.  We are starting with the ladies as guests the first time around then will hopefully grow and grow!!  Backcountry Bliss