White Mountain Direttissima

The last week has been busy, exciting, tiring and one to remember.  My boyfriend, Andrew, attempted and crushed the FKT (fastest known time) of the White Mtn. Direttissima.  You have never heard of this? Well you are not alone.  The word Direttissima has Italian roots that refers to the most direct route of something and is more commonly used when referring to rock climbing and alpinism.  So to relate this to the white mountains, some guy a few decades ago, linked together all of the 4,000 foot peaks in the White Mountains - all 48 of them and dubbed it the White Mountain Direttissima. Here a few photos from mostly day 1 and the end for a pizza reward. 

Fast forward to now and Andrew has challenged himself to do this unsupported which means he walks from trail head to trail or peak to peak on his own steam and carries everything he needs to complete the journey.  The route he decided to take was approximately 240+ miles and 80K in vertical gain.  The standing record was 8 days and 8 hours.  Andrew spends an enormous amount of time in mountains hiking and trailrunning so he is physically prepared for this undertaking.

My roll over the last week was logistics coordinator, PR person, fellow hiker and cheerleader.  I learned quickly how to be administrator on another person's FB athlete page, run multiple instagram accounts, coordinate photographers (Joe Klementovich and Joe Viger) and help drop cars/drive friends to meet up with Andrew has he hiked.  And work my normal 40+ hour work week.  It was actually really fun.

Andrew ended up crushing the record - 5 days 23 hours and 58 minutes.  All things considered, it went as well as it could have with good weather, healthy body and amazing motivation.  Ski The Whites, Instagram and Facebook.  The website has all of the stats and his route which is incredible to see all drawn out.  The message and goal of the adventure was to get others motivated to hike our rugged and beautiful white mountains and to encourage people to push themselves beyond what they are used to.